Finally, Trump Got His Wall, a Wall of Denial

Finally, Trump Got His Wall, a Wall of Denial

Well,unless you have been living in a cave over the past few months, you would know by now that our illustrious President Trump was impeached on December 18, 2019 by the House of Representatives by votes on two Articles of Impeachment-1) Abuse of Power and 2) Obstruction of Congress.  The outcome turned out to be mainly along party lines except for a few Democratic detractors.  There was very little doubt that this was going to occur based on the fact that the House was dominated in numbers by the Democrats but still anything could have happened as we have all witnessed with the clown we have residing in the White House.  I, myself, have ambivalent feelings about this happening since Trump is only the third president in our history to be impeached, which not only tarnishes his legacy for the rest of his life but also the history of this country but by the same token, am grateful that someone has finally taken a stand against someone who appears to be afflicted with one or more mental +/or personality disorders that in my opinion, played a role in the actions he carried out that contributed to the fate delineated above along with making a mockery of the office of presidency in his first 3 years of his term and possibly imposed irreparable harm to this once great nation’s reputation throughout the world by trampling the Constitution with his actions and statements he has made.  This being said, I will expound on the Articles of Impeachment, how the president and the Pubs have reacted, discuss the trial in the Senate,elaborate on his possible personality disorders, and then declare a strategy to finally rid not only this country but the rest of the world of the most dangerous man in the world.

Regarding the first Article of Impeachment-Abuse of Power, we reached this momentous occasion after testimony before both the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees over two months by a number of witnesses consisting of current and former administration officials who corroborated the information released by a whistleblower that the president had in fact utilized quid pro quo when he asked Ukraine President Volodmyr Zelenskly for a favor during a July 25, 2019 phone call when here quested that Ukraine undertake investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and into a debunked conspiracy theory about the 2016 presidential election in exchange for the president releasing $389 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine so that they could continue their conflict with Russia that had been suspended by the president along with a head of state meeting requested by the Ukraine president to demonstrate continued support by the United States against continuing Russian aggression.  His Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed the quid pro quo accusation involving the $389 million dollars of military aid to Ukraine that was suspended in part to press Ukraine to investigate the 2016 conspiracy theory, but then tried to retract his statement in the following days but the damage had already been done.

Pertaining to the second Article of Impeachment-Obstruction of Congress-for me this was blatantly obvious being that the two aforementioned House of Representative committees in their pursuit of the truth regarding the president’s attempted solicitation from the Ukranian government via their president’s assistance in adversely affecting the outcome of the 2020 United States presidential election issued subpoenas seeking documents and testimony deemed vital to the inquiry from various Executive Branch agencies and offices, and current and former officials.  Now, a president that was not guilty of the charges levied against him would have willingly cooperated with these requests but being that I believe strongly that his guilt is unequivocal, Trump exhibited the attitude that he is a dictator instead of president by refusing to allow any of the individuals contacted to adhere to the laws that we are all accountable in this country.  His Republican supporters stated that Trump was entitled to decision-making confidentiality and that the decision whether or not someone would testify would be up to the courts.  In other words, Trump is above the law and is untouchable by any entity that can impede his continued presence sitting in the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office and if you don’t like it, that is too bad.  He is also communicating to the world that the Constitution does not apply to him regardless of his actions or statements made publicly or via his favorite medium, the Internet by way of his Twitter account which he employs incessantly.

Now,the president had been stating as far back as December 7, 2019, that there was no case for impeachment.  As a matter of fact to quote him,“The Democrats have NO impeachment case are demeaning our great COUNTRY at YOUR expense,” Trump wrote in the email to supporters. “It’s US against THEM.”  This is reinforced by the propaganda disseminated by him, his Republican yes men in Congress, Fox News,Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and many other brainwashed supporters that he did nothing wrong, that the Democrats have hated Trump since two days before he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and that was the sole reason for pursuing impeachment when in fact Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had overlooked countless actions and statements that could have triggered the impeachment process before but she refrained until he committed offenses that were so egregious that she could not continue looking the other way and I commend her for finally taking a stand to hopefully derail Trump’s train of doom that he has had running down the tracks from day one the way he has been executing his duties as the leader of the free world.  Trump and the Pubs believe that implementing a tactic in which he claims the Democrats have had a vendetta against him even before he set foot in the Oval Office will serve as a rallying cry for the upcoming presidential election and allow him to serve another four years which would have disastrous implications for all of us on this earth.  In addition, his Republican bootlickers on the two House committees reiterated that either there was no case worthy of impeachment or the evidence was not strong enough to execute this Constitutional duty against someone like their beloved leader.  With all of this being said, please allow me to now report what the president has been reiterating on his own behalf to tackle the predicament he is currently facing.

Trump has attempted to distract the attention of the populous from the overwhelming evidence supporting him being impeached by claiming that there was no way he should have been impeached since he had accomplished more than any other president in history and touted that the economy has never been stronger with the deduction that he had something to do with that fictional remark.  Allow me to address both assertions.

First of all, his presidential accomplishments have been few and far between.  The only one of any significance was the signing of the 2017 Tax Reform and Job Acts bill that was supposed to assist everyone but the fact of the matter was that very little tax relief was given to the poor and what is left of the middle class but the top 1% profited significantly. This was just one of his 12,000 lies uttered during his tenure and combine the above fact with the fact that he was unable to repeal ObamaCare on two separate occasions and the infamous wall that he promised that Mexico was going to pay to build stretching across our southern border to address the exaggerated illegal immigrant problem never came to fruition, his contention was just more hot air coming out of his mouth or by way of Twitter.  The actual fact of the matter is that his racist, chauvinistic, hateful and anger filled rhetoric has divided this nation more so than any other time in our history and in my opinion, has led to an uptick in violence in this country in the form of mass killings.

Now,regarding the strongest economy ever, well, I will concur with the fact that the stock market has reached all-time highs and unemployment is at historical lows but allow me to give some perspective on these triumphs.  First of all, only 50% of the population invests in the stock market and as I read in the past, the stock market is not the economy and the economy is not the stock market.  I honestly believe that he has been channeling enormous sums of the budget into the stock market to produce a false depiction of the true level of the stock market so he can claim responsibility for this feat for the upcoming election when he has had absolutely nothing to do with its upsurge based on any specific economic policy.

Regarding the unemployment rate, a low unemployment rate does not necessarily translate into a strong economy since the unemployment rate can be reduced by people leaving the workforce which has been happening for years.  What he does not want the public to know is that the number of homeless and impoverished people in this country has risen since he took office along with the fact that millions of children everyday don’t know where their next meal will come from so to make such a claim indicates to me a lack of any compassion for the less fortunate in this country that I find very offensive and so should the rest of the country’s inhabitants.  This being said, it is safe to say that he is stretching the truth like he always does to hopefully generate the support from the public to pressure Mitch and the Pub lackeys in the Senate to implement every strategy necessary to protect the Commander-in-Chief’s job in spite of his issues that exist between his ears.

First of all, Trump is both an extreme Narcissist and Psychopath.  The one applicable attribute of these personality disorders is that he has a grandiose or over-inflated sense of self-importance which translates into him overestimating his abilities as he does every chance he has the opportunity to state he knows more about every topic than anyone when in fact he is so devoid of knowledge, it is insulting and any wonder how he reached his current status.  In addition, a person like Trump discounts advice from their subordinates which was revealed shortly after Trump commenced the call to the Ukranian president that his staff was trying to discourage him from carrying out the quid pro quo offense during the call which he ignored because nobody is a genius like he is, which just makes me chuckle when I hear him refer to himself in that manner.  In addition, the National Security Council begged him to release the Ukranian military aid before he finally realized that his actions were questionable and he needed to take that step to protect his current position and his freedom.  Therefore, if a president is unwilling to listen to experts in their fields over an issue of this magnitude, I wonder what decision he would make regarding the launch of our nuclear arsenal against the best advice of members of the Defense Department and his own staff-just a thought!  

Second,Trump is a Psychopath which is reflected by characteristics that led to the president being in the position he is in now and how he is addressing this matter.  The first is the fact that he is very impulsive to a fault.  He does not take the time to prepare himself for important actions, like the call he made on July 25, 2019 to the Ukranian president, which he could have handled in a different manner to avoid the legal quagmire he is drowning in at the present time.  This reckless behavior has been on display ever since he started his tenure as president but this really forced him to be accountable for his actions, which he has escaped for most of his life.

To add insult to injury, another Psychopathic trait that has been a mainstay for him was a failure to take responsibility for his own actions.  For Trump, this has become most prominent in his denial of any wrongdoing whenever asked by reporters or during his speeches given to his supporters or via his tweets.  Recently, a reporter asked him if he was going to take responsibility for what caused the impeachment hearings and he emphatically stated no.  He had constantly uttered at gatherings of hand-picked supporters that he could not believe how anyone would want to impeach him when he had done nothing wrong and perpetuated that approach after he was impeached.  His total denial of any culpability in this melancholy time in our country’s history is both reprehensible and an indicator that this would appear to be a problem for both Mitch McConnell and the Republican members in the Senate to exonerate the president but I will state beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump will have nothing to worry about.  Allow me to expand on this statement.  

Mitch McConnell, the 77 year old Kentucky Senator and leader of the house, who Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator, proclaimed on October 10, 2018 that Mitch, “soft-spoken Kentuckian has, in just a few short years, done lasting damage to the presidency, the Senate and the Supreme Court: the hat trick of democracy destruction,” has made his intentions known to the world when he communicated that he was going to sabotage the proceedings along with being in lock-step with the White House lawyers guarantees that Trump will be exonerated since the Republican members in the Senate are scared to death of not exhibiting 100% loyalty to the president and the leader of the Senate.  There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of the effort given by the Democrats to have the trial be one that was designed by the Constitution to reveal the truth about the charges levied against the president, Mitch and the boys will conduct themselves just like children and erect road blocks every step of the way. This fact causes me to feel very hopeless and helpless regarding the future of this country and the world when two individuals can wield so much power to hold this country hostage.  My message to them and the Republican Party is not to count their chickens before their hatched regardless of the advantage they have at the present time.

In spite of the fact that the deck is not only stacked against the Democrats and the supporters of the president being found guilty and removed from office, there is always hope that an unforeseeable outcome could come to fruition.  What we opponents can do is flood the email sites and phone lines of the Republican Senators with a message that if they don’t develop a spine and take the necessary action to eliminate this pariah to the world, their political futures that assure them of being lavished with an inordinate amount of power and money will cease to exist and could also trigger investigations into their actions while in office that could lead to prosecution and jail time.  This being said, please start executing what I proposed with the hope of changing the course of history from being one of disaster to one of optimism so that our children will have the opportunity to be raised in a country which our forefathers created that was filled with hope and enthusiasm instead of utter despair.

Finally,regardless of the outcome of the trial in the Senate, what this moment in our history has shown is that during Trump’s first three years in office, the Republican Party, along with his aforementioned supporters, have been building a wall of denial around him to assure that he maintains his current position and hopefully catapult him to four more of years of misery for us and unlike the promised border on our southern border, this one has had the last brick inserted and has been completed.  In spite of this fact, I have confidence that this wall of denial will come crashing down someday for not only Trump but for the Republicans so that people can perceive accurately that they are very selfish in nature and have an agenda that will only favor the rich and cost the world’s existence.  God help us if that wall is allowed to stay intact